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Tips for transporting large-scale machinery

With China’s booming economy and prosperous manufacturing sector, trade in large-scale machinery is becoming more common.

Because of the sheer size of large-scale machines for factories and oil fields such as knitting machines and drilling rigs, they are often not transported as ordinary cargo and may require special handling commonly known as break bulk cargo. Customers are advised to appoint forwarders with professional knowledge of break bulk cargo who offer a full range of services to handle these more complex transportation requirements.

The reason for choosing this type of forwarder is that they are experienced and reliable operators who not only provide a one-stop solution but are also more capable in handling, loading and unloading. They can also minimise risks of transit damage and loss by using carriers well-versed in transporting large-scale machines.

In addition, if a customer’s machinery is damaged and a claim arises, after receiving settlement from their cargo insurer, the insurance company will subrogate the cargo owner’s right to pursue recovery from the liable parties who are usually the forwarders and carriers. Reliable forwarders and carriers with a good reputation usually take out appropriate insurance such as forwarder’s on hull liabilities insurance to cover subrogated claims from the cargo insurers. If the cargo insurers’ claim can be recovered from third parties, it can improve a customer’s loss ratio, thereby giving an advantage in future reviews of insurance premium rates.

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