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Electronic custom clearance

The implementation of a Road Cargo System (ROCARS) enables the freight industry stakeholders to submit electronic advanced cargo information to the Customs and Excise Department (C&ED) before the cargo consignment enters or exits Hong Kong. Then, the trucker will make use of the On-Board Trucker Information System (OBTIS) to group the custom cargo reference number of the cargo consignment and his vehicle’s reference number, and send to C&ED through ROCARS. This way, C&ED can determine whether a truck needs to be inspected in advance, and all cross boundary trucks can enjoy seamless custom clearance at the land boundary. 

As well as providing a faster track of clearance, electronic custom clearance can also reduce risk of loss of cargoes during transportation. OBTIS utilises the global positioning service (GPS) where truck routes and locations can be tracked. It also builds up a real-time connection platform with all stakeholders such as forwarding agents, warehouses and customs agencies, so that operation transparencies can be enhanced, and cargo owners can better keep track of the transportation status of their cargoes. 

Cargo owners may consider using electronic custom clearance, applying ROCARS and OBTIS, to ensure the truck will not be diverted from designated routes when transporting valuables to reduce the risk of loss. Cargo owners can also opt to take out cargo insurance if they want to enjoy extra protection to cover the cargoes from damage or loss. In this way, cargo owners can focus on growing their business without worrying about transportation logistics.

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