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Mission and Vision


Mission and Vision

Our core values

At MSIG, our core values are our guiding light, ensuring that everything we do keeps our customers’ best interests at heart. 



Being sincere, kind, and fair in our dealings with people


Providing high-quality services by constantly enhancing our skills and proficiency

Customer focus

Striving to provide security and satisfaction to our customers


Always improving the way we work while responding to stakeholders' interests


Growing together as a team by respecting one another's individuality and opinions and sharing knowledge and ideas

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Located in Singapore, MSIG Asia Pte Ltd (“MSIG Asia”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited, and a member of the MS&AD Insurance Group, Inc. Combining global and local best practices, the core subsidiaries and affiliates of MSIG across ASEAN, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, have been providing general insurance solutions for more than 100 years. A leading insurance brand in Asia, MSIG leverages on multi-channel distribution and strong intermediary partnerships to offer insurance solutions across personal and commercial lines.


MS&AD Insurance Group

MS&AD Insurance Group, Inc. (“MS&AD Insurance Group”) was formed in April 2010 from the business integration of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group Holdings, Inc., Aioi Insurance Co., Ltd., and Nissay Dowa General Insurance Co., Ltd. It is amongst the world’s top 10 non-life insurance groups based on gross revenue, with A+ Stable credit rating and presence in 46 countries globally. MS&AD Insurance Group is committed to achieving sustainable growth and to enhancing enterprise value, driven by five business domains: domestic (Japanese) non-life insurance, domestic (Japanese) life insurance, overseas business, financial services business and risk-related business.

MS&AD Insurance Group

Our credit ratings

Trusted and reliable

Our 2020 credit ratings
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Awards & accolades

Award Title

At MSIG, our customers are at the heart of our business. The trust and confidence they have in us are the driving force in everything we do. The awards we have garnered over the years reflect our growing strength and influence in the general insurance industry. But more importantly, they symbolise our continued commitment to go above and beyond for our customers.

Awards over years


Bronze - Best Membership Programme 

The Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2021

Gold Certificate 

Privacy-Friendly Awards 2021


Gold - Excellence in Change Management 

HR Distinction Awards 2020

Gold - Excellence in Learning & Development 

HR Distinction Awards 2020

Silver - Excellence in Innovative Business Solutions

HR Distinction Awards 2020

Silver – Best Design App

DigiZ Awards 2020

Insurance Initiative
of the Year

Insurance Asia Awards 2020

Gold – Best Loyalty Programme – Finance & Insurance 

The Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2020


Digital Insurance Initiative of the Year 

Insurance Asia Awards 2019

Gold – Best Mobile /
App eCommerce

Asia eCommerce Awards 2019

Gold – Best User Experience

Asia eCommerce Awards 2019

Silver – Best e-Commerce
– Financial Services

Asia eCommerce Awards 2019

Digital Insurer of the Year

InsuranceAsia News Awards for Excellence 2019

Gold - Best App - Insurance Services

Mob-Ex Award 2019


2018 Laserfiche Run Smarter® Award

The origins of Mitsui
Mitsui origin image

"Echigo-ya" Drapery Store in the Edo Era.

Mitsui origin

Takatoshi Mitsui

Mitsui origin

Echigoya - The name "Echigoya" was
publicised by means of "flyers" and branded
loan umbrellas. ©公益財団法人三井文庫

The Mitsui conglomerate began as a shop dealing in kimono fabrics called “Echigoya”. It was opened in 1673 by Takatoshi Mitsui, a merchant in Edo (now Tokyo). 

With the aim of accommodating its customers’ needs, Echigoya introduced many innovative business practices. These included adopting over-the-counter-sales and the cash-and-carry system which were unheard of in Japan at the time. Furthermore, Mitsui used flyers and umbrellas printed with the shop's name to publicise his business. 

Mitsui also focused on customer-centric business management and brand strategy, and sought to boost employee motivation and satisfaction through personality-oriented performance evaluations. These pioneering approaches laid the foundation for Mitsui’s subsequent success and prosperity.

The origins of Sumitomo
Sumitoro origins iamge

Masatomo Sumitomo
© 住友史料館

Sumitomo origins image

Sumitomo prospered through
diversification beyond copper into
commodities such as yarns, fabrics,
sugar and medicine. © 住友史料館

Sumitoro origins iamge

A shaft at the Besshi copper mine © 住友史料館

The history of Sumitomo began in the 17th century when Masatomo Sumitomo opened a book and medicine shop in Kyoto. Sumitomo gradually diversified into copper mining and trading, banking and heavy industry. 

In 1690, Sumitomo discovered the Besshi Copper Mine in Ehime Prefecture which turned out to be one of the largest copper mines in the world. This major discovery contributed significantly to Japan’s economic development. However, the mining operations also impacted the environment. To help reduce this, Sumitomo planted more than one million trees and even relocated the copper refinery to an uninhabited island.  

Sumitomo’s approach of contributing to the development of national and regional economies while also addressing environmental issues sowed the seeds for our corporate social responsibility initiatives of today.

Contributing to tomorrow's Asia

The pillars of MSIG’s corporate social responsibility ethos are embedded in our abiding mission to create a vibrant and sustainable society through our core business together with the sharing of that mission, its vision and values.

MSIG responds unerringly to many issues that plague society by supporting and giving back to the communities in which we operate. These values run deep throughout the organisation and are often visible in the outcomes of activities we have been involved in throughout the region.

Whether it’s a big collective effort or a small, personal gesture of care, every employee makes a real effort to ensure their day-to-day work addresses the needs of local communities – turning our vision and mission into tangible results.

Our initiatives

Protecting biodiversity
Protecting biodiversity is the 
insurance for a sustainable future

Discover how a partnership to protect biodiversity can help ensure thriving ecosystems that underpin the well-being of millions of people.

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