Frequently Asked Questions

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I am moving to a new home. Am I covered under my FamilySurance Plus 4.0 Insurance Policy?

Subject to a few exceptions and a maximum limit, your Household Contents are covered under the Policy in the course of your household removal if this is done through the service of a professional remover.

However, please be aware that the Household Content items listed below are not covered

  • Money
  • Valuable property
  • Fragile items which are unsuitably packed
If my domestic helper causes damage to third party properties or injures a third party in an accident, am I covered under FamilySurance Plus 4.0 Insurance Policy?

If the domestic helper causes third party property damage or a third party bodily injury while she is working for you and you are legally liable for her acts, this policy will cover you against the legal liability. 

If the domestic helper causes the damage or the injury while she is acting for herself only, no cover for such damage or injury will be provided by this policy.

If a window frame falls from my flat, am I protected by my FamilySurance Plus 4.0 Insurance Policy?

A window frame is part of a Building. If you have purchased the Building Section, the replacement cost of the window frame is covered by the Policy as long as the cause of its fall is not excluded by the Policy. However, if it falls because of its own wear and tear or corrosion, the Policy will not pay for the replacement.

If a third party is injured or if third party properties are damaged as a result of the fall of the window frame, FamilySurance Plus 4.0 will indemnify you against your personal liability if you are held legally liable for the situation not being excluded under the policy.

My home was broken into and I lost my expensive watches. Am I covered under my FamilySurance Plus 4.0 Insurance Policy?

The Policy will pay for the lost watches up to a specified maximum value per watch as stated in the Policy.

This FAQ information is for reference only. For details of coverage, terms, conditions, and exclusions, please refer to the policy wording.