Frequently Asked Questions

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My planned period of travel is within the insured timeframe of my iTravel Plus Policy. In the middle of my trip, I wish to extend my travel plan. Will my iTravel Plus Policy automatically extend the period of insurance?

Your iTravel Plus Policy will only be automatically extended for a maximum of 14 days, for the reasons stated in the Travel Delay and Trip Rearrangement sections. If you wish to extend your trip for other purposes and also extend the period of insurance, you are advised to contact us before expiration of the policy to obtain our prior consent. An additional premium may be required to extend your period of insurance under these circumstances.

I fell sick while I was travelling but I did not consult a doctor. I only did so when I returned to Hong Kong. Am I covered?

Unfortunately, medical expenses incurred after your return to Hong Kong are not covered. Under your iTravel Plus Policy, we only pay for medical expenses incurred as follow-up treatment in Hong Kong, if you have consulted a legally registered medical practitioner overseas for the same sickness during the insured trip.

I planned to fly back from New York to Hong Kong but my flight got delayed for ten hours. The airline explained that the delay was due to "air traffic control." Can I claim for the delay?

We are sorry that we cannot proceed with your claim because "air traffic control" does not fall within our policy coverage, as set out in the Travel Delay section. However, you will be compensated with HK$250 for the first 6 hours of delay and for each subsequent period of 12 hours of delay if the delay from "air traffic control" was either the direct or indirect result of adverse weather conditions or natural disaster which had not yet taken place or been announced when you purchased the travel insurance.

I know that riots are taking place in my travel destination but I have to go as planned. Will that affect the coverage of my iTravel Plus Policy?

It depends on when you take out the travel policy. If riots are known to be occurring or are announced prior to your application for travel insurance, any loss arising from the riots will not be covered by the travel insurance as it has become a known incident which is excluded by travel insurance policy. However, any loss not arising from the riots will be covered according to the policy.

However, if the riots are known only after you have taken out travel insurance, then any loss arising from the riots will be covered as usual.

I had planned to travel to Taipei this weekend, but a typhoon just hit the island today. I want to cancel my trip. Am I covered?

Yes. Since your departure from Hong Kong was delayed by a period of not less than 24 hours because of the typhoon, and you purchased the insurance policy before the news of the typhoon was widely reported, you will be covered for any unused travel and accommodation expenses that you have already paid or must pay, if at the same time you cannot recover them from any other source.

Taipei has been hit by an earthquake today. Although I plan to go there in one month, I want to cancel my trip now. Can I claim the travel expenses I have already paid for?

Unfortunately, you cannot claim under our policy if you make the cancellation now. Our Trip Cancellation cover will only become operative if the natural disaster has resulted in a more than 24-hour delay in your scheduled departure from Hong Kong.

When I returned to Hong Kong from a trip, my baggage was delayed. Am I covered under my iTravel Plus Policy?

No. Delayed Baggage protection is only available if your check-in baggage is delayed for your outward journey. The intention of this cover is to assist you when you are deprived of essential supplies while abroad.

What should my policy inception date be for a flight schedule starting at midnight?

You are recommended to take out travel insurance a day prior to your midnight flight in order to ensure that the journey from your home/office to the airport will also be covered.

For example, your flight is scheduled for 00:30am on 10th March. If you take out travel insurance from 10th March and, unfortunately, your car crashes during your journey to the airport at 11.30pm on 9th March, then you will not be protected by your iTravel Plus Policy, as the travel insurance policy is only effective on 10th March.

Will I be covered if I am injured by a terrorist attack while travelling?

Yes. iTravel Plus Policy covers death or bodily injury, medical expenses and emergency assistance services in case of terrorist attack while travelling. However, it should be noted that we do not cover such acts of terrorism that involve the use of biological or chemical agents, or nuclear devices.

In case of emergency, who should I contact for assistance?

You can call our 24-hour Worldwide Travel Assistance Services hotline at any time at +852 3122 6899 for travel and medical assistance including:

  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation after treatment
  • Repatriation of mortal remains or ashes
  • Deposit guarantee for hospital admission overseas
  • Compassionate visits
  • Children escort arrangements
  • Unexpected return to Hong Kong, etc.
I have an iTravel Plus (Annual) insurance policy. Does it cover all my journeys made during the year?

The policy provides cover for an unlimited number of journeys made during the insurance period. Maximum duration of each journey should not be more than 90 days. If the journey exceeds 90 days, the whole journey will not be covered under the policy.

If your journey lasts more than 90 days, you are recommended to take out iTravel Plus (Single Trip) insurance policy which covers any journey up to 182 consecutive days.

I lost my camera during the trip. I wanted to keep taking pictures so I bought a new camera overseas. Can I make a claim for that under my travel insurance?

Yes. If the camera is less than one year old, we will pay the replacement cost of a similar item. If it is more than one year old, we will deduct from the replacement cost a reasonable amount of depreciation. The most important thing is that you need to report the loss at a nearby police station and obtain a "lost certificate" from the police to support your claim with MSIG.

How can I save money on travel insurance?

If you are a frequent traveller, one of the best ways is to purchase our annual travel policy. Not only is our annual travel policy more cost-effective, it also saves you the trouble of taking out a policy every time you travel.

This FAQ information is for reference only. For details of coverage, terms, conditions, and exclusions, please refer to the policy wording.