Commercial Insurance



Keep the pulse of your livelihood secure

Whatever the size, every business is more intricate than it seems, and so are its needs. Our deep understanding of this is precisely how we can give your business just the right protection, every step of the way.

Employees' Benefits

Provide comprehensive protection for employees that suits their needs and fits employers’ budget.

Group Personal Protector (Macau)
Give your employees additional protection benefits as a responsible employer

Employees' Compensation

Protect your employees and meet your legal requirements as an employer.

Employees' Compensation (Macau)
Meet your legal obligation as an employer to give your employees compensation insurance


Get comprehensive coverage from all manner of construction and engineering-related claims.

Boiler and Pressure Vessel (Macau)
Protection for enterprises against explosion or collapse of boilers and pressure vessels
Contractors' All Risks (Macau)
Protect your construction projects with comprehensive "All Risks" Cover
Machinery All Risks (Macau)
Covers your plants and machinery against "All Risks" and "Breakdown"

Financial Lines

Protect yourself and your business against professional liability and cyber-risks.

Cyber Liability and Data Protection (Macau)
Safeguard your business and data against the risk of cyber-attacks
Information Technology (Macau)
A comprehensive insurance tailored for the IT sector
Professional Indemnity (Macau)
Insurance solutions for clients facing small to medium risks


Manage your legal liability arising from daily business operations.

Professional Liability Insurance Policy for Travel and Tourism Agencies and Tourist Travel Agencies (Macau)
Comprehensive coverage for travel agents against liability incurred and mandatory legal obligations
Public Liability (Macau)
Manage your legal liability arising from business operations
Public Liability Insurance Policy Relating to the Fixing of Propaganda and Publicity Material (Macau)
Compulsory insurance for signboards, neon signs and other publicity material fixtures
Third Party Liability Insurance for Pleasure Boats (Macau)
Meet your legal requirement to insure your pleasure craft against third party liability


Get comprehensive protection for cargo in transit and pleasure craft.

Cargo (Macau)
Comprehensive protection against the loss of or damage to your goods during insured transit


Keep your business going by protecting your company vehicles.

Commercial Vehicle (Macau)
Commercial vehicle insurance is mandatory for all vehicle owners in Macau

Office/Business Package

Secure your business with the assurance of comprehensive coverage.

Business Insurance (Macau)
Protect your business with cost-effective insurance
Office Insurance (Macau)
A comprehensive insurance policy specifically designed for SMEs in Macau
Shop Insurance (Macau)
Get vital insurance for your shop and the flexibility to include other coverage


From your premises to the machinery and assets within, leave nothing uncovered.

Burglary (Macau)
Protect your business assets against theft losses
Fire (Macau)
Protect your valuable business assets against fire perils
Money (Macau)
Protect your cash, cheques and other money-related documents whilst in your premises or in transit
Property All Risks (Macau)
Safeguard your property with our 'All Risks' insurance