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Re-routing of cargo

During a pandemic infectious diseases outbreak, some countries may even forbid the import of all cargoes from the infected areas. To overcome this and in order to honour the contract by delivering cargoes to their destinations, some cargoes owners from infected areas may re-route their voyage by firstly delivering to countries which will allow the import of their cargoes and then ship the cargo on to their final destinations. Does marine cargo policy provide cover for such practice?

According to the Marine Insurance Ordinance Chapter 329, if the cargo owners deviate from the voyage contemplated by the policy, as the risk exposures may be increased, any loss or damage arising out of the deviation of voyage will not be covered by the marine cargo insurance policy. As mentioned in previous cargo tips, cargo owners need to inform their insurance company in writing about changes of voyage immediately so as to obtain the consent of the insurance company.

To avoid losing marine cargo insurance cover, customers are advised to keep an eye on the news and inform their cargo insurers immediately if they need to change their voyage in order to enjoy marine cargo insurance cover.

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