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How to facilitate the claim process for China trade with the presence of a window company between buyer and seller

With the ever-improving economic environment in China, the trade volume between China and other countries is increasing. Many of you will be aware that a window company in China may be involved in any commercial relationship involving foreign trade. What is the best way to facilitate the claim process for China trade?

When a foreign seller trades with a buyer in China, the seller needs to sell the goods to a window company first and then re-sell them to the buyer. When there is a loss of or damage to the goods, in order to be entitled to compensation from the insurance company, the buyer needs to provide evidence that shows that the insurable interest belongs to him/her, and, at the same time, proves the relationship between his/her company and the window company.

Therefore, buyers should keep proper documentation such as cargo invoices and contracts that declare the relationship between them and the window company in order to facilitate the claim process in case of claims. When claims occur, the window company only has to issue a letter of indemnity release, then the insurance company can process the claims immediately. 

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