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Mode of transportation for large machinery

When transporting large-scaled machinery, such as knitting machines or generators for power stations from one country to another; flat rack containers (FR) or open top containers (OT) would be used because these machines are too large to be placed inside a wooden case. After placing the machine in a flat rack container (FR) or open top container (OT), tarpaulin would be used to cover it so as to prevent the machine from being damaged by bad weather.

However, as these containers are not sealed, when the weather is extremely bad with tumbling waves, there is a risk that the tarpaulin will be damaged by the waves or heavy rain, leading to the damage of the machine by seawater or rainwater. Besides, when the container is unloaded by cranes at the discharge port, the cranes could also easily damage the machine as the container is not sealed.

  • When transporting large and delicate machinery, you are advised to place the machine in the ship's underdeck for better protection against damage by water or shock

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