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The first-in-town electronic open cover policy issuance platform

With more and more companies and organisations around the world using electronic services, many Hong Kong government organisations and companies are developing their own electronic systems to keep pace with these global advancements.

As part of our goal of providing excellent customer services, MSIG launched an electronic cargo system (eCargo) through its existing GenLink platform. With eCargo, you can issue an online open cover cargo policy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without back and forth negotiation and without involving your agent or broker directly. At the same time, a handy “policy copy” function is also available to simplify the issuance process of similar shipments. The time saved will let you generate even more business and revenue.

Simply call us or your agent/broker to learn more about this e-platform. We'll be very happy to arrange a presentation that will demonstrate how eCargo will help you generate even more income!

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