Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme - VHIS Standard Care

Your lifelong hospital insurance

Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme - VHIS Standard Care

Plan Highlights

Unknown Pre-existing Conditions Icon
Unknown Pre-existing Conditions

Partial coverage is offered during an initial three-year waiting period from policy inception, with full coverage from the fourth year onwards

Coverage for Day-case Procedures Icon
Coverage for Day-case Procedures

Cover surgical procedures in a medical clinic or day case procedure centre or hospital with facilities for recovery as a day patient

second row
Coverage for Prescribed Non-surgical Cancer Treatments Icon
Coverage for Prescribed Non-surgical Cancer Treatments

Cover the expenses charged on Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Targeted Therapy, Immunotherapy and Hormonal therapy for cancer treatment

Day Surgery Cash Allowance Icon
Day Surgery Cash Allowance

Day-surgery allowance up to HK$1,000 offers you convenience to conduct a day case procedure without admitted into a hospital

third row
Second Claim Cash Allowance Benefit Icon
Second Claim Cash Allowance Benefit

Enjoy second claim cash allowance benefit up to HK$1,000 if you have already submitted your claim to another insurer and claim the remaining balance from us

Tax Deductions Icon
Tax Deductions 

Tax deductions are available for qualifying premiums paid by a policyholder for himself and his dependents under any VHIS certified plans. The qualifying premium ceiling for tax deduction is HK$8,000 per insured person per year. There is no cap on the number of dependents whose premiums are eligible for tax deduction

If you already have an individual hospital insurance plan with MSIG, you can migrate to our VHIS certified plan. Contact us to learn more about your options.

Please give us feedback via the Customer Feedback Form at here. Everything you tell us will be handled in complete confidence.

Plan details


Benefit items(1) (HK$) Standard Care

(a) Room and board

  • per day

Maximum 180 days per policy year

(b) Miscellaneous charges

  • per policy year


(c) Attending doctor's visit fee

  • per day

Maximum 180 days per policy year

(d) Specialist's fee(2) 

  • per policy year

(e) Intensive care

  • per day

Maximum 25 days per policy year

(f) Surgeon's fee

  • per surgery
Subject to surgical category for the surgery/procedure in the schedule of surgical procedures:

Complex: $50,000
Major: $25,000
Intermediate: $12,500
Minor: $5,000

(g) Anaesthetist's fee

35% of surgeon's fee payable (5)

(h) Operating theatre charges

35% of surgeon's fee payable (5)

(i) Prescribed diagnostic imaging tests(2) (3) 

  • per policy year
Subject to 30% coinsurance

(j) Prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments(4) 

  • per policy year

(k) Pre- and post-confinement/ day case procedure outpatient care (2) 

  • per visit
$580, up to $3,000 per policy year

1 prior outpatient visit or emergency consultation per confinement/day case procedure

3 follow-up outpatient visits per confinement /day case procedure

(within 90 days after discharge from hospital or completion of day case procedure)

(l) Psychiatric treatments per policy year


Other benefit items (HK$)

Day surgery cash allowance

  • per day case procedure

Second claim cash allowance benefit

  • per claim

Other limits (HK$)

Annual benefit limit for benefit items (a) – (l)

  • per policy year

Lifetime benefit limit for all benefit items (a) – (l)

Important Notes:
  1. Eligible expenses incurred in respect of the same item shall not be recoverable under more than one benefit item in the table above.
  2. The Company shall have the right to ask for proof of recommendation e.g. written referral or testifying tatement on the claim form by the attending doctor or registered medical practitioner
  3. Tests covered here only include computed tomography (“CT” scan), magnetic resonance imaging (“MRI” scan), positron emission tomography (“PET” scan), PET-CT combined and PET-MRI combined.
  4. Treatments covered here only include radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and hormonal therapy.
  5. The percentage here applies to the surgeon's fee actually payable or the benefit limit for the surgeon's fee according to the surgical categorisation, whichever is the lower.

For details of coverage, terms and conditions, and exclusions, please refer to the policy wording.

Standard Premium Schedule

Age Groups (Attained Age)# Standard Care
Annual (HK$)
Monthly (HK$)
15 days to 6 $3,240 $300
7-17 $2,916 $270
18-30 $4,104 $380
31-40 $4,914 $455
41-50 $6,588 $610
51-60 $9,666 $895
61-70 $16,200 $1,500
71-80 $20,304 $1,880
81-99* $20,952 $1,940
Important Notes:

*For renewal only
#According to the last birthday.
This Standard Premium Schedule does not include levy which is collected by the Insurance Authority.



  • Hong Kong residents aged 18 or above

1st enrolment age of insured person

  • Applicant: 18 to 80 years of age
  • Applicant’s legally married spouse, parents, parents-in-law: up to 80 years of age
  • Applicant’s unmarried child(ren): aged 15 days to 17, or below 23 if in full time education

Renewal age limit

  • Guaranteed renewal up to 100 years of age
Remark: According to the last birthday.

Major Exclusions

  1. Pre-existing condition that has existed prior to the policy issuance date or the policy effective date and the applicant fails to disclose to MSIG upon submission of this application.
  2. Routine medical check-ups and vaccinations.
  3. Cosmetic surgery (unless necessitated by injury caused by an accident and the insured person receives the medical services within 90 days of accident).
  4. Eye refractive therapy, LASIK and any related tests, procedures and services.
  5. Dental treatment or oral and maxillofacial procedures performed by a dentist except for emergency treatment and surgery during confinement arising from an accident.
  6. Pregnancy or childbirth, infertility, contraception and sterilisation.
  7. Congenital conditions have manifested or been diagnosed before insured person attained age of 8 years.
  8. Hospital in-patient treatment for condition that can be properly treated as an outpatient. This includes but not limits to hospitalisation primarily for diagnostic scanning, X-ray examinations, and/or physiotherapy treatments.
Important Notes:
  1. Policy effective date: the 1st calendar day of each month after approval of application.
  2. Cover does not begin until application has been accepted and premium received.
  3. Benefits and terms and conditions of Certified Plan to be revised subject to regular review of Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme by Government.
  4. Premium of Standard Premium Schedule may be adjusted at renewal at the discretion of MSIG lnsurance (Hong Kong) Limited.
  5. For details of coverage, terms and conditions, and exclusions, please refer to the policy wording.