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Will travel insurance cover accidental bodily injury caused by a riot?

When a riot occurs, travellers can find themselves stranded and their safety compromised. What they worry most about is their personal safety. Will travel insurance cover accidental bodily injury caused by a riot or civil unrest?

If a policy holder encounters a demonstration at the planned destination and becomes injured, the insurance company will pay the benefits, dependent on the insurance application date.

If the travel insurance was taken out before the outbreak of unrest was widely reported, MSIG will pay for the medical expenses arising from accidental bodily injury as well as the loss of personal property, money and travel documents. Additional accommodation, transportation expenditure and the unused local tour package or admission tickets to major sporting event, musical, museum or theme park incurred due to the disturbance can also be covered.

However, if the uprising had been reported at the intended travel destination on or before the date of the application of the travel insurance, thus creating a situation where a decision to cancel, shorten or delay the trip could be made, majority of the travel insurance companies will not pay the benefits for any loss or injury incurred under these circumstances.

In a situation that travellers were stranded overseas due to a riot, many insurance companies in the market would automatically extend the insurance protection period. Length of the extension period varies with each policy. MSIG's TravelSurance 7.0 and iTravel Plus (Single Trip) offer a 14-day extension.

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