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Does travel insurance cover the loss of my personal belongings during my trip even when the police case report is written in a language other than Chinese or English?

With more people travelling to unwind from the pressures of work, countries like Japan, Thailand and Korea have become popular destinations among Hong Kong travellers. However, many locals in these countries only speak in their native languages, making it difficult for travellers to communicate.

Imagine having checked into a hotel in Thailand, and suddenly realising that your belongings left in the hotel have gone missing after lunch. What can you do if you have already bought travel insurance?

Loss of baggage during a trip is frustrating. However, you do not have to worry too much if you have bought your travel insurance. Most travel insurance provide coverage for loss of baggage and money. The policyholder has to report the case to the local police after the incidence of property loss within 24 hours. All supporting documents, reports and original receipts – such as police case report and receipts for necessary items purchased after the loss – must be retained in order to file a claim with the insurance company after returning to Hong Kong.

You have reported to the police after losing your personal belongings, however, the content of the case report was written in Thai. Does it affect the claim procedure after returning to Hong Kong? Will the insurance company process the documents in other languages directly?

In principle, the insurance company will only process documents written in Chinese or English. However, if the policyholder reports the claim immediately upon arrival in Hong Kong and has already found a translation company or the Consulate-General to help translate the report and relevant documents, such a claim submission is still valid. Other than that, the translation fees incurred should be borne by the policyholder. Moreover, the policyholder should be aware that most travel insurance policies request all documents, including the translated case report and completed claim form, should be submitted to the insurance company within 30 days after returning to Hong Kong, otherwise all claims are deemed invalid.

Guidelines for Insurance Policy Coverage of Property Loss

The policyholder is responsible for protecting his/her personal belongings and money. The insurance company does not provide coverage if the properties are left unattended in public areas. Policyholders should pay extra attention to their property, especially travellers who choose to share hostel rooms or service apartments with strangers. In such circumstances, they are advised to keep their property locked in a safe place or at the hostel reception. Otherwise, any loss of property incurred under such circumstances may not result in a successful claim.

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