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Difference between cover limits for receiving treatment in Hong Kong and receiving immediate local treatment

Mr. White had a stroke during his trip in China. He would like to be repatriated to receive treatment in Hong Kong rather than being admitted to a local hospital. What would be our professional advice?

It is a common misconception that the cover limit of travel insurance for repatriating to receive treatment in Hong Kong is as much as the cover limit for receiving treatment locally. In order to provide proper and immediate treatment to our customers during their trips, the cover limit for local medical treatment expenses in our travel insurance plan can be up to HK$1,000,000. The cover limit is high because the medical treatment costs for foreigners are usually higher than those for local residents. Besides, we have also provided medical expenses cover of up to HK$50,000 for our customers to have follow-up treatment in Hong Kong.

In Mr. White's case, we had pointed out to him the difference between the two above-mentioned clauses. We explained that the intention and nature of our travel insurance plan is to allow our customers to receive immediate treatment cover outside Hong Kong. Mr. White showed understanding despite his insistence to return to Hong Kong. Therefore, as a friendly reminder, we asked him to seek better protection from his other medical insurance policy, while the MSIG travel plan served as a secondary protection for his medical expenses. Consequently, we only had to cover his repatriation and in-patient treatment in a Hong Kong government hospital.

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