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Misunderstanding of bodily injury

Personal accident insurance protects customers against bodily injury sustained by means of any sudden, violent and accidental occurrence of external origin. However, many customers misunderstand this and think that all means of bodily injury happening in a sudden manner are covered by personal accident insurance.

Below is an example demonstrating this misunderstanding among customers:

Last Tuesday, shortly after Mrs. Wong went to bed, she kicked away her blanket with a slight movement of her leg when she started to feel too hot. She then discovered that she had sprained her leg and applied muscle rubbing ointment to alleviate the pain. Mrs. Wong went to work as usual the next day and visited the bonesetter during lunch time.

Mrs. Wong kept the bonesetter’s receipt and subsequently filed a personal accident insurance claim. However, her claim was rejected as the assessment result indicated that her accident was not caused by external violence and was not visible. Mrs. Wong’s injury was deemed to be the result of gradual deterioration rather than an accident.

Below are more examples of bodily injuries that are covered and not covered by personal accident insurance.

Covered by Personal Accident Insurance

Not covered by Personal Accident

  • Sports injury
  • Injured by falling objects such as windows and air-conditioners
  • Injured in a road accident
  • Sprained waist caused by avoiding cats
  • Sprained wrists caused by picking up items from the ground
  • Injured caused by turning head suddenly

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