46th Distinguished Salesperson Award

Submitted by dileep on Fri, 07/27/2018 - 13:34

Congratulations to our three outstanding Service Specialists - Benson Cheung, May Hu and Mandy Tong! 

We are glad that they have won the “46th Distinguished Salesperson Award” (DSA) which was organised by The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA). 

Widely recognised in Hong Kong, the DSA programme not only awards successful salespersons for their achievements, but also helps raise the quality of salesmanship in Hong Kong and set its professional standard. A total of 65 companies took part in the programme this year. 

With MSIG’s strong management support, our three outstanding Service Specialists from the MSIG Customer Centre were nominated to the DSA programme (“Happy Selling” was the theme of 2014) this year. They were required to make a short 3-minute presentation to a panel of experienced judges to persuade them to take out insurance during the interview. Apart from the sales presentation, they were also required to attend an in-depth question-and-answer session and demonstrate effective selling in a 2-minute session. All of the awardees impressed the judges with their professionalism and outstanding selling techniques. 

Our awardees strongly believed the spirit of “Going above and beyond” is the imperative force for them to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. Here comes the replay of fun and joy moments in the award ceremony! 

Special thanks for the tireless efforts and encouragement from our HR, Customer Centre and Tip Top Consultants in supporting our nominees to make us a great success in this award ceremony!