Office Insurance

A comprehensive insurance policy specifically designed for SMEs in Hong Kong

Office Insurance

Plan Highlights

Loss or Damage to Office Contents Temporarily Removed from Premises
Loss or Damage to Office Contents Temporarily Removed from Premises

Protection against loss of or damage to digital cameras, DV and other surveying equipment when temporarily removed from the premises

Loss Arising from Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown Icon
Loss Arising from Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown

Fixed computers, systems and data are protected against mechanical or electrical breakdown

Loss Caused by Theft Icon
Loss Caused by Theft

Personal property of your employees is protected against any loss caused by theft up to HK$20,000 per year

Public Liability Cover Icon
Public Liability Cover

Up to HK$10,000,000 per event

Coverage for Trade Samples in Transit in Hong Kong
Coverage for Trade Samples in Transit in Hong Kong 

Up to a limit of HK$50,000

Office Notebooks Cover
Office Notebooks Cover

Optionally covered across borders

Plan details


Coverage  Maximum Benefits Payable (HK$)

Office Contents

Equipment or machinery (unless specifically mentioned) $100,000 per item
Computer systems’ records $10,000 per item; $50,000 in aggregate
Deed, document, card, tape or transparency $5,000; $20,000 in aggregate
Personal effects $5,000 per person; $20,000 in aggregate
China, porcelain, work of art of curiosity $10,000 per item; $100,000 in aggregate or 10% of Sum Insured whichever is the less
All loss or damage Sum Insured

Plus free extensions:

Contents temporarily removed from premises:

i) Surveying or photographic equipment

$5,000 in aggregate
ii) Documents in transit within Hong Kong $5,000 per loss
iii) Trade samples in transit within Hong Kong $50,000 per loss
iv) All other property 10% of Sum Insured on Contents
Damage to office contents affected by decoration works at the premises Covered; subject to contract value not exceeding $500,000
Damage to office premises in case of theft or attempted theft Covered
Removal of debris 5% of Sum Insured
Fire extinguishing expenses $10,000
Breakdown of computer equipment: $100,000 in aggregate
i) Costs of repair or replacement $100,000 in aggregate
ii) Additional expenditure incurred for the use of substitute computer equipment $50,000 in aggregate
Replacement of locks & roller shutter door $5,000 in aggregate
Loss of rent $10,000 in aggregate

Business Interruption

Additional Expenditure

Additional expenditure such as the cost incurred for temporary premises and facilities if applicable
$750,000 per year

Plus free extensions:

Professional accountants’ charges 10% of the total Sum Insured
Denial of access for more than 48 hours to your premises due to damage to property in the vicinity of the premises 10% of the total Sum Insured

Loss of Money

In your premises during business hours, in transit or in a bank night safe $50,000
In your premises out of business hours and in a locked safe or strongroom $20,000
In your premises out of business hours but secured other than in a locked safe $5,000
In your residence or that of your directors, partners or employees $3,000
Crossed cheques and other non-negotiable items $500,000

Plus free extensions:

Damage to safes or cases directly associated with theft or attempted theft $30,000 per loss
Cash cheque signed under violence or threat of violence $10,000 in aggregate
Suffer bodily injury or death as a result of attempted theft during business hours $30,000
Loss of money arising from fraudulent or dishonest act of any of your director(s), partner(s) or employee(s) $50,000

Public Liability

Legal liability to third parties due to bodily injury and/or property damage arising from your business $10,000,000 per event

Plus free extensions to cover the legal liability incurred by the insured and arising from:

  • Interior decoration work performed by independent contractors at the premises (contract value up to $500,000)
  • Provision and management of canteen, social, sports and welfare activities
  • Damage to rented premises
  • Overseas visits
  • Supply of free food and drink

Optional Covers

Loss of Gross Profit

  • Reduction in turnover
  • Increase in cost of working
Sum Insured

Employees’ Compensation

Liability under the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance for employees’ bodily injury or death arising out of and in the course of employment Per Employees’ Compensation Ordinance

This benefit table is only a summary of product features and does not constitute any part of the policy itself. Full details of the policy cover, exclusions and excess imposed for each section can be found in a copy of the Office Insurance policy. Ask your insurance advisor for details.

In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of any of the above details, the English version shall prevail.

For details of coverage, terms, conditions, and exclusions, please refer to the policy wording.