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Travel insurance coverage for medical expenses

Staying outdoors with summer temperatures rising could result in heatstroke. For travellers needing medical attention overseas, their medical expenses will be covered by travel insurance with the maximum cover ranging from tens of thousands to up to HK$1m. Travellers often get hurt in crowded places and, in addition to needing medical treatment overseas, they may also need follow-up treatment when they return to Hong Kong. In cases like this, the cost of their follow-up treatment will also be covered by travel insurance up to several tens of thousands of Hong Kong Dollars. Bonesetters' fees can vary from several hundred Hong Kong Dollars to several thousand Hong Kong Dollars in total.

If a traveller gets seriously injured and needs to be hospitalised, their insurance company will arrange a deposit guarantee to facilitate hospital admission. Their insurance company will also bear the hospitalisation charges to a maximum of HK$1m, depending on the policy. If a traveller needs to be admitted to hospital overseas, they should immediately call the emergency hotline provided by their insurance company. In addition to keeping the hotline number to hand, it is also important to have your personal information and policy numbers with you. This is vital if you are unfortunate enough to end up in a coma as your friends or medical staff can help to contact your insurance company.

While you are planning your itinerary and arranging accommodation for your trip, remember that it is just as important to take out adequate travel insurance to ensure a safe and happy visit!

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