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Rental Vehicle Excess – a hidden benefit of MSIG travel insurance

When you rent a motor vehicle overseas, the total rental price usually includes a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) element. This means that if the vehicle is accidentally damaged by you or a third party, you will not be liable to pay the full cost of the repair. However, you will often be liable for a portion of the repair cost – this is usually called the ‘Collision Damage Waiver Excess’.

Many rental companies will offer the opportunity to reduce or eliminate the excess in the form of additional insurance from them. But that can be expensive, and may not be necessary!

One of the many benefits of iTravel Plus is the standard inclusion of ‘Rental Vehicle Excess’ coverage. In the event of loss of or damage to the vehicle, MSIG will reimburse the excess amount payable to the rental company up to HK$5,000. That’s a great benefit that could save you money.

However, to make sure you are properly protected, it is important to understand the circumstances in which a claim on iTravel Plus will be considered, and those in which it will not.

  1. The limit of compensation is HK$5,000.
  2. Coverage only includes accidental damage, collision, or theft. Compensation will not be paid for other charges. Towing fee will not be covered when the rental vehicle is not damaged. Any charges incurred for the loss of use of the rental vehicle or similar charges imposed by the rental company will not be covered, including but not limited to Non- Operation Charge (NOC).
  3. The vehicle must be driven by the named insured driver, and he/she must have a valid driving licence.
  4. The rental vehicle must be under the operation and control of the insured at the time of loss.
  5. The vehicle must be rented from a licensed rental company using a valid Car Rental Agreement.
  6. The rented vehicle must be of a type where a valid driving licence is required to drive it (i.e. scooters etc. that do not require a driving licence will not be insured).
  7. The rented vehicle may not be used to commit an illegal or unlawful act.
  8. The rented vehicle may not be used for racing or other contests.

So the next time you go on an overseas trip, the “Rental Vehicle Excess” benefit could save you a lot of headache, and some money too!

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