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A few years ago, a Hong Kong tourist who travelled to Thailand alone nearly drowned in the hotel swimming pool and was subsequently rushed to a local hospital for emergency treatment. Since the tourist had not bought any travel insurance, and all flights during the Lunar New Year were full, she was forced to remain in the local hospital. The patient was eventually joined by her family and flown back to Hong Kong for medical treatment. In addition to the delay, she had to pay the medical and hospitalisation fees of over HK$100,000.

Of course, nobody wants to encounter a serious accident in a foreign and unfamiliar country where an emergency could cause extreme anxiety. But one must take precautions as accidents do happen. The best solution is to make sure you are well protected while abroad with travel insurance. The 24-hour Worldwide Travel Assistance Service in a travel insurance plan ensures that you can receive emergency assistance around the clock wherever you may be. Let’s illustrate this with a simple example.

Before their 15-day tour in Vietnam, Miss Leung and her mother purchased travel insurance. On the third day of the tour, her mother slipped in the hotel bathroom and was knocked unconscious. She was immediately transferred to a local hospital for treatment. Miss Leung was worried about the quality of the local medical system and felt it was vital to send her mother back to Hong Kong for further treatment.

Under these circumstances, Miss Leung would be able to immediately report the incident to the 24-hour Worldwide Travel Assistance Service line to arrange for medical evacuation for her mother. As soon as a local doctor certifies that a patient should be transported elsewhere for treatment, the 24-hour Worldwide Travel Assistance Service will provide the most suitable transportation available depending on the severity of the patient’s injury. The insurance company will also settle the fees incurred directly with the third parties up to the maximum cover limit of the plan, allowing Miss Leung to focus on her mother without having to concern herself with additional burdens.

In addition, before finalising the departure plan for Miss Leung’s mother, the insurance company will arrange for immediate family members to fly to Vietnam to care for the injured. The insurance company will assume responsibility for all transportation and accommodation costs, again, within the limit of the plan.

With the 24-hour Worldwide Travel Assistance Service, travellers can rest easy and enjoy their vacation knowing that they are protected by comprehensive coverage. However, policy holders should take note of the following points:

  1. Do not arrange any medical service without prior approval from the insurance company who reserves all rights for approval.
  2. The insurance company will not cover the evacuation or treatment fee which is the result of any pre-existing medical conditions.

Further to the second point; if the insured acknowledges in advance any pre-existing disease and/or is receiving long-term treatment for conditions (such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension) and requires first aid and/or medical evacuation during the trip due to this, the insurance company would not be responsible for any related costs.

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