Introducing MSIG’s all-new Online Insurance Consulting Services to Examine the Insurance Needs of Japanese SMEs

Submitted by Pace_Chan on Wed, 08/19/2020 - 13:41

For many Japanese companies operating during this challenging time, the impact of the economic downturn is such that firms have been obliged to reassess their risk management models. Businesses are looking at ways of cutting their costs and lowering their exposure to risk.

As such, MSIG is delighted to announce it has launched Insurance Consulting Services, a new offering designed for Japanese small or medium enterprises (SMEs) with 20 or fewer employees, and which are operating in Hong Kong.

This completely free service creates opportunities for these firms to look at, in-depth, how they currently manage their exposure to risk, as well as examine their general insurance arrangements. The consultation will happen in the form of a one-hour session. This needs to be booked in advance and is conducted purely online using web conferencing tools or call-meeting platforms, which provides greater flexibility. The session can be held in Japanese, Cantonese or English.

Mapping out levels of risk

MSIG’s new service seeks to deepen how Japanese SMEs comprehend a range of business risks while operating in the city, and how these can be classified for insurance purposes. Clients will learn how to prioritize the major risks that their businesses are exposed to, such as property damage. By focusing on these key risks, MSIG will be helping clients prepare the groundwork for developing future insurance plans.

The purpose of each session is to ensure that customers gain a solid understanding of the risks their businesses face. If, in future, clients wish MSIG to review their entire range of existing insurance measures, this can be arranged and discussed at a later date.

Getting started

Japanese SMEs in Hong Kong can contact MSIG directly via telephone on 852-2894 0838 or by filling in their contact details in an online form ( When doing so, they should tick the box labelled “Do you require Japanese-speaking customer service” and indicate the need for this service in the enquiry box. MSIG will be in contact shortly .

If you are running a Japanese SME in Hong Kong, then it is more important than ever to assess the level of risk your firm is exposed to, especially during these challenging times. Get in touch with MSIG and discover more about how we can help your business in today’s ever-changing world.