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For all Sections


1.    Sub-divided home or sub-let premises
2.    Insured premises that is situated in a building where sub-divided flats are known to exist
3.    Insured premises that is used for business purpose or as a holiday home
4.    Unoccupied premises for more than 30 consecutive days
5.    Illegal structure exists in the insured premises
For Household Contents Section
1.    Contents on roof or in open area
2.    Mobile / portable radio telecommunication equipment e.g. mobile/ portable telephones and pagers
3.    Any loss or damage caused by:
a.    Domestic animals which you own or are in your custody or control
b.    Inherent fault or defective workmanship, defective material or design
c.     Mysterious disappearance or unexplained loss
d.    Mechanical breakdown and/ or malfunction of electrical appliances and computer equipment
e.    Wear and tear
f.     Sonic bangs
4.    Motor vehicles
5.    Livestock, pets and animals
6.    Any items that fall under the definition of “Building” as described below:
a.    The structural part of your Home including but not limited to fabric walls and the wall paint, flooring, doors with frames, windows with frames
b.    Permanent fixtures and fittings including but not limited to skirting, water pipes, electric cables/wiring, fixed glass, sanitary fixtures, fixed or permanently installed on the structural parts of your Home
c.     Outbuildings at your Home used for domestic purposes
d.    Swimming pools, tennis hard courts, garden walls, patios, terraces, hedges, fences, gates, paths and drives, that are forming part of your Home (but not retaining walls, foundations and drains)

Major Excess

Household Contents
Excess Amount (HK$)
General item
Household Removal 
Landslip and subsidence
10,000 or 10% of adjusted loss,
 whichever is greater
Personal Liability
Excess Amount (HK$)
Water damage



FamilySurancePlus 4.0 is only available for online purchase. 
In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of any of the above details, the English version shall prevail.
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