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Maximum Benefits Payable (HK$)
Household Contents (Basics)
Household Content
(any unforeseen sudden accidental physical loss or damage such as by fire, typhoon, gas explosion, flooding, landslip and subsidence or theft)
Plan A - $1,000,000
Plan B - $750,000
$100,000 per item, set or collection
The maximum cover for
1/3 of the section limit chosen
$15,000 per item
$1,000 per loss
Extra Benefits
Household removal - for loss of or damage to Household Contents during the course of removal by a professional remover
Alternative accommodation/ Loss of rent - should your home become uninhabitable due to insured damages
Temporary removal of Household Contents - for repairing or cleaning
Fatal accident - should you or your spouse pass away within 3 months from injury caused by fire or burglars in your home
Burglary harm allowance - if you or your spouse sustains injury caused by burglars in your home
Loss of personal effects in office
Loss of personal effects/ money on business trips
Domestic servant's property
General holidays increment - for loss of money in burglary happened during public holidays
$2,000 per incident
Damaged locks - for replacement cost due to burglary
Frozen food - if food in freezer rots due to freezer failure
Home quarantine allowance - if being confined at home involuntarily in quarantine as declared by the local authority
$500 x 10 days
Tenant's liability - for loss of or damage to landlord's property
10% of the section limit
Personal Liability (Free)
Any claim against you or your family members in the event of your negligence causing third party injury or property damage,
and it extends to
- Contingent contractor's liability
- Owner's liability in common area
24-Hour Home Emergency Assistance (Free)
Building (Optional)
(for the structural part of your home including flooring, walls, ceiling, windows and doors and their subsequent household improvement)
Sum Insured
Alternative accommodation
(should your home become uninhabitable due to insured damages)
Removal of debris
(after the damage or destruction to your building)


Important Notes:

1.    The premises or building to be insured must be less than 40 years of age.
2.    The premises or building to be insured must be for residential use. No industrial or commercial buildings will be covered.
3.    The premises to be insured must be Your Family’s and your principal place of residence located in Hong Kong SAR and is not a village house or the likes.
4.    You and Your Family must comply with all statutory obligations and take reasonable steps to prevent loss or damage; to maintain any insured property in good condition and sound repair; and to fulfill the requirement of the deed of mutual covenant, any other relevant regulations or statutory instruments relating to the Building and your Home.
5.    Walls, flooring, doors with frames, windows with frames and the ceiling and their improvements and betterments made by You within the insured premises are covered under the Building Section.
6.    If You would like to insure any Valuable Property exceeding HK$15,000, You should provide relevant invoice to prove its value at the time of application.
FamilySurancePlus 4.0 is only available for online purchase. 
In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of any of the above details, the English version shall prevail.
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