Treat yourself to an eco-friendly getaway

Treat yourself to an eco friendly getaway

Working round the clock can take a toll on your health and drain you out. Going on an eco-friendly holiday may just be the break you need. There, you’ll not only get to discover amazing nature sights, you’ll also be helping to save the planet. Here are some benefits of going on eco-friendly holidays!

Getting your dose of Vitamin D

Want to know a secret to radiant skin? Healthy amounts of Vitamin D! Found in sunlight, Vitamin D also prevents stress-related diseases and promotes bone growth.

Our recommendation: Visit Costa Rica. Known for its pristine beaches, volcanoes and diverse animal species, you’ll get plenty of sunlight and Vitamin D. Stay at one of the countries’ ecotourism resorts where you can detox with organic food. You can even help to conserve wildlife by volunteering to look after sea turtles with your kids!


Filling up on clean air

We usually take care of ourselves by making sure we eat and sleep well. Little do we know, the air we breathe is just as important. Fresh, natural air is a great source of negative ions which can calm you down and soothe your emotions.

Head down to New Zealand, where hobbits call home. There, you’ll find beautiful greenery and take in fresh air. You can even have a unique luxury eco-friendly glamping experience at Hapuku Lodge & Tree Houses. Powered by solar energy, the resort sources food from sustainable markets and has planted 1,400 trees to date. Marvel at majestic whales and pamper yourself at this green resort!

Before you take flight, make sure you’re well prepared

Get the insurance

Going on an ecotourism holiday is best enjoyed when you are fully relaxed. The last thing you’d want is to worry about high overseas medical expenses or replacing lost items. Keep your holiday as carefree as possible by purchasing travel insurance first. This would save you the cost of replacing a lost camera, luggage or paying unexpected hospital bills.

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