Packaging-free supermarkets eliminate waste

Packaging-free supermarkets eliminate waste

Many people have already adopted the practice of bringing their own bags when shopping, but are you prepared to go one step further for the planet? "Shop naked", which means avoiding unnecessary packaging, is a new shopping trend aimed at achieving zero waste. As a result, some retail outlets now cater to those who wish to shop naked, making it easier to help consumers protect the planet and biodiversity.

Ekoplaza Lab, the world's first packaging-free supermarket, opened in 2018 in Amsterdam. It aims to save the plastics infested oceans and reduce plastics from being ingested by marine organisms. Not unlike typical supermarkets, Ekoplaza Lab carries a wide variety of goods, including meats, vegetables, bread, beans, coffee, nuts, chocolate, totalling 682 different products. Every item is labelled "Plastic Free" because it is packaged with a special compostable material that breaks down within 12 weeks, instead of the typical plastic bag. The two types of material look and feel alike, proving that plastic is not the only option. The supermarket also features a plastic free zone where customers can shop using their own containers. 

Hong Kong is at the forefront of this latest trend as there are already several packaging-free supermarkets stocked with daily necessities, selling not only rice, noodles, and dried fruits, but also shampoos, conditioners and bath washes. Some large supermarkets have also set up refill stations for products like laundry detergents and fabric softeners, helping the public learn about the concept and benefits of package-free shopping.

Those into beauty care would be glad to know that there are shops in Hong Kong selling packaging-free natural skincare products. They can buy however much is needed, eliminating the use of plastics while reducing wastage. It is actually much easier to shop naked than one might imagine. All it involves is bringing along the necessary containers, such as a small cloth bag or a glass bottle. For the sake of the planet, we all have to say no to plastic boxes and plastic bags.

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