One small step by each person, one giant step for the world

One small step by each person, one giant step for the world

The environment has often grabbed the international headlines in recent years, over 11,000 scientists have been urging governments around the world to face the fact of climate change. Apart from governments’ commitment, we can all take action to save the planet. That is why MSIG initiated programmes of different scales in Asia to do our part for sustainable development and the conservation of biodiversity.


By going paperless in its offices, MSIG Hong Kong saved more than 1 million pieces of paper in 2019 alone. This means over 120 trees would not have to be chopped down. MSIG Hong Kong not only promotes conservation among staff members, but also advocates choosing a low carbon diet to the general public. We have partnered with JouSun, an online groceries marketplace, to feature tips on low carbon ingredients and smart eating on MSIG's Facebook page and gave out discount coupons to promote green dietary habits.


MSIG has been active in Asian countries beyond Hong Kong. In Indonesia, we collaborated with the Department of Forestry to help restore the rainforest in the Paliyan Wildlife Sanctuary. To date, approximately 300,000 native trees, fruit trees and other useful trees have been planted. We will also be engaging local students to promote biodiversity and help them understand the importance of environmental conservation.

We understand that conserving biodiversity requires a long term commitment and will work hard to leave future generations with a more beautiful and bountiful planet.
Please visit MSIG biodiversity web pages to learn more!

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