Going Green in the Age of Apps

Going Green in the Age of Apps

In this digital age, taking care of everyday necessities and chores only requires access to a smartphone with different apps. Not only can mobile apps address facets of life such as dining, housing, transportation, entertainment and personal finance, they can even help us make a difference to protect the environment. Here are several apps we have curated to let you tap away for a healthier planet.

Track carbon footprint -- Changers CO2 Fit

Carbon footprint refers to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions as a direct or indirect result of human activities. Direct emissions mainly come from energy use and transportation, which includes everyday vehicular travel and overseas air travel. Fuel efficiency and distance travelled are factors that affect the amount of emissions. Electricity use in our everyday life also involves the emission of carbon dioxide. Indirect emissions result from the production of food and goods. The more we buy and consume, the more emissions are produced.

If you want to track your carbon footprint, you can use Changers CO2 Fit app. It not only calculates the carbon emissions for each trip we take, but also encourages everyone to walk or bike as a way to exercise while benefiting the environment.

Sustainable Seafood -- WWF-HK Seafood Guide & Seafood Watch

Hongkongers are known for our taste for seafood, ranking second in consumption in Asia and eighth globally. This dietary habit severely impacts the survival of ocean life. Furthermore, extensive human marine activities, pollution and ocean warming are all destroying marine biodiversity. If we want future generations to be able to enjoy the ocean's bounty, we must choose to only consume sustainable seafood.

When it comes to seafood, sustainability involves species, method of production and origin. The WWF-HK Seafood Guide app provides a list of species under "Recommended", "Think Twice" and "Avoid" categories, making it easier for consumers to avoid buying vulnerable species.

For those who wish to choose sustainable seafood when travelling abroad, the Seafood Watch app is worth trying. This practical app features a list of species around the world, seafood recommendations and conservation notes. Being a smart consumer can already make a difference.

Planting trees – Forest: stay focused app

With most of us being addicted to mobile phones, the Forest: stay focused app comes in handy as it helps beat phone addiction while supporting tree planting in Africa. When users want to put down their phones and stay focused, they can plant a virtual seed, which would grow into a tree if they resist the temptation to use their phones.

Users who succeed in staying focused and away from their phones for a specific amount of time are rewarded with virtual coins, which can be converted into donations to Trees for the Future toward real tree planting in Africa. To-date, Forest has helped to plant over 300,000 trees.

As part of our digitization drive in recent years to simplify complicated communications and procedures, MSIG has developed the MSIG mobile app to let customers purchase insurance anytime, anywhere. We also developed EASY Claims, an online claims system that requires only three simple steps to submit a claim. Accessible around the clock, the system takes only 15 minutes, saving time while keeping customers updated through text messages and emails. The entire process is paperless, thereby reducing usage of natural resources and helping protect the planet.

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