Flying solo? Get travel insurance first

Flying solo? Get travel insurance first

Travelling solo can be pretty great. The freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Not having to squabble with your friends over what to eat, or whose turn it is to wake up the heavy sleeper. There’s no wonder that the number of solo travellers has increased dramatically over the years.

But as great as solo travel is, it comes with inherent risks. Travelling solo can be a completely different ballgame, especially if it’s your first time going at it alone. Safety becomes a greater concern, as you can become a target for criminals or scams and you won’t have someone to watch your back. Here are 5 reasons why you should get travel insurance especially if you’re travelling solo.

1. You’ll have someone to call in case of a medical emergency

The truth is, you never know when an accident will strike on holiday. With travel insurance, you have access to a worldwide travel assistance hotline that you can call for assistance. That could mean a world of difference if you’re alone and stuck in a painful situation.

2. You are covered in case you have to cancel your trip

Sometimes, life gets in the way of the plans we make. When that happens, imagine the amount you’ll be spending on a trip. By just spending a nominal amount, you could save yourself the worry and protect your trip investment.

3. You get reimbursement if you lose items on your trip

When travelling alone, you have to manage many tasks yourself. Inevitably, things may slip your mind and belongings may be lost. Plus, travel insurance offers coverage for luggage lost during transit so you can continue with your trip. The same applies for stolen belongings, which includes cash and travel documents. Stolen hand-carried baggage is also covered by travel insurance if you file a police report first. Even if Balinese monkeys steal your luggage and fling it off a cliff, you’ll be covered!

4. You get covered for amateur dangerous sports and activities you may participate in

If your trip involves solo golfing or doing outdoor activities, you’ll be better protected. There are also insurance policies that provide coverage for amateur dangerous sports and activities like scuba diving. skiing, snowboarding, water skiing, horse riding, hiking, or canoeing, etc.

5. You get coverage for flight delays

If you’ve gone to great lengths to plan your solo itinerary, significant flight delays can affect your travel schedule. In the event that your flight is delayed for a long period of time, you’ll receive some compensation.

How to pick the right travel insurance

Here are some tips to help you make an informed choice.

Find a reputable provider

Getting the right insurance is critical to having peace-of-mind during your trip. Global companies typically have a good reputation and valuable experience in providing various types of insurance.

Consider the value of your belongings

All travel insurance policies have a limit on the amount insured per item we bring on holiday. For instance, if you are packing expensive jewellery and camera equipment with you, it would be critical to find an insurance plan that covers these valuable items.

Choose a plan that caters to your unique needs

Travelling alone means that you have to take extra precaution to ensure your own safety. Seek an insurance provider with a 24-hour worldwide travel assistance hotline as this would make it easier for you to get help in event of an emergency.

Solo travel can be a great adventure. With travel insurance, you can focus on getting the rest and rejuvenation you need, rather than worry about any complications. Got any questions about travel insurance? Please feel free to contact us contact or find out more about our insurance plans through:


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