4 tips to protect your home while on vacation

4 tips to protect your home while on vacation

Going on a holiday? Here are some tips to safeguard your home and valuables.

1. Have someone keep an eye on your place

When you’re not around, your closest allies are almost always your neighbours and security guards. Give them your vacation contact information so that they can notify you should they notice anything amiss. And the next best alternatives are your relatives or your closest friend. You can even get them to swing by occasionally for a quick check.

2. Stop the mail from coming in

If you have a mailbox that is visible to people, it may be worthwhile to opt-out from receiving unaddressed circular mail delivered by the post office. The same goes for your subscriptions such as magazines. Having an overflowing mailbox on your porch gives a clear indication that the owner is away and only makes it more enticing for burglars.

3. Install a home security camera that is linked to your phone

In recent years, home security cameras are less costly and more effective than ever before. Installing a security camera that can be connected to your smartphone is a savvy option that allows you to monitor your house anytime of the day. If you want to cut down on unnecessary footage, you can also invest in one that comes with motion detection. Having a security camera can serve as a deterrent for burglars, so even setting up a dummy camera can possibly make them think twice.

4. Call your insurance agent

Sounds strange? It isn’t. Go through the valuables in your home and ring up your agent to update them on any valuable new additions to the house since the day you purchased your insurance. That way, you can be sure that all your home contents are fully under covered. If you don’t have an existing home insurance plan, it would be good to invest in a comprehensive home insurance plan before your trip.

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