4 Tips on Cooking with Less Energy

4 Tips on Cooking with Less Energy

As wildfires in Australia continue despite recent rainfall, images of injured animals and ash covered forests have sparked awareness of the importance of environmental protection, carbon reduction and energy conservation. To achieve the greatest impact, we must all change our everyday life. Not sure how to get started? Finding it too complicated? Actually, something as simple as putting on a lid when cooking or eating more fruits and vegetables can already help the planet. Here are four simple cooking tips that can be easily put into practice!

Simplify cooking method where feasible


The same pot of water can be used to cook greens first and then meat, without the need to heat up another pot of water. This saves water, energy and time. Another idea is to use electric pots, steamers or rice cookers with multiple stacks to cook different dishes at the same time. For instance, during Chinese New Year, a steamer with multiple stacks would be perfect for steaming different seasonal cakes at the same time. The 4-in-1 rice cookers introduced in recent years allow for rice, soup, meat and veggies to be cooked simultaneously, making it possible to prepare an entire meal with just one appliance.

Choosing cookware with suitable capacity and material


Since larger cookware often consumes more energy, it is important to choose one that is properly sized, paying attention to capacity and the number of portions that may be indicated on product labels. As well, some cookware, such as cast iron pots and ceramic pots that are popular of late, can retain heat for a long time. They not only look nice, but also save energy, making them ideal for braising dishes.

Planning the right portions


Some people like to prepare more food than less for fear of appearing stingy. However, the best approach is to take account of the number of people and proper portion size to avoid wastage. There is no point in putting on an unnecessarily big spread simply because it is the holiday season.

Good cooking habits


Simple habits can often make a difference in saving energy. For instance, defrosting ahead of time can save cooking time and energy; removing excess water from ingredients and cookware means less energy wasted; and remembering to put on a lid when cooking can reduce heat loss. These are all simple and effective habits. Forgetting to turn off the heat not only wastes energy, but also risks catching fire. In the unfortunate event of a fire, FamilySurance Plus 4.0 can offer peace of mind, providing a maximum benefit of HK$1,000,000 in protection of household contents for you and your family.