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1.Highlight this hidden benefit to your travel insurance customers!
2.The Coverage of Amateur Dangerous Sports
3.Take reasonable care of your belongings
4.Travel Delay
5.Luggage Damage
6.Travel insurance coverage on medical expense
7.Does annual travel insurance policy provide covers for journey more than 90 days?
8.Coverage for valuable items when travelling overseas
9.Will travel insurance cover accidental bodily injury caused by a riot?
10.Insurance needs when travelling abroad
11.Will travel insurance cover me when visiting a disaster area?
12.24-hour Worldwide Travel Assistance services
13.Does travel insurance cover the loss of my personal belongings during my trip even when the police case report is written in a language other than Chinese or English?
14.General Tips for Travel Insurance
15.Difference between the cover limit on receiving treatment in HK and receiving immediate local treatment
16.Travel Industry Compensation Fund --- Complement to Travel Insurance
17.Hot insurance issues
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