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1.Cargo Insurance Tips - Lesson Learned from the collapse of shipping giant
2.Marine Cargo Insurance Pitfalls: Understanding "Allocation or Distribution" for multiple consignees
3.Biggest changes to British commercial insurance law in over 100 years – know the details!
4.The importance of clear marking on export goods
5.“Admitted Policy” in Cargo Insurance
6.The cover of property being sacrificed under cargo insurance
7.Changing the port of discharge
8.Protection of Personal and Household Property in Cargo Insurance
9.International Group of P&I Clubs
10.What is the importance of “Limit of Liability” under “Marine Open Cover” to cargo insurance?
11.Mark-up value for cargo shipment
12.Transportation of Cargo during long holidays
13.Jettison of deck cargo
14.What is "Strike Perils" in Marine Cargo Insurance?
15.What is “War Perils” in Marine Cargo Insurance?
16.Electronic Custom Clearance
17.Dangerous Cargoes
18.Confiscation of cargoes by authorities
19.Impact on world-wide shipping as a result of radiation leakage in Japan
20.Cargo delay caused by Egypt turmoil
21.US and European Union Regulation on sanctions against Iran
22.Cargo insurance for recycled items
24.Cargo theft
25.Strike at consignee port
26.Cargo insurance for transporting wine
27.Under-insurance of cargo insurance
28.Seller's Interest
29.The Difference between the Transportation of Frozen Meat and Frozen Food
30.Constructive Total Loss
31.Forwarding agent and carrier
32.What is a Free Trade Zone?
33.Knowledge of Oil and Petrochemical Product
34.Re-routing of Cargo
35.Robberies/ Thefts of High Value Cargo in Excess of HK$100,000 for 2008
36.Tips for Transporting Grain and Corn
37.If my buyer goes out of business, what can I do with regard to cargo insurance?
38.Cargo Insurance Coverage of Piracy
39.Extra Coverage for Transporting Large-scale Machinery
40.China’s Importation Requirements for Wooden Packaging Materials
41.Tips for transporting large-scale machinery
42.Cargo Insurance:“Unseaworthiness and Unfitness Exclusion Clause”
43.How to work out an appropriate sum for cargo insurance - Part 2
44.How to calculate an appropriate sum for cargo insurance?
45.How to assess whether a marine insurance premium is fair and reasonable?
46.Is damage caused by inherent nature of goods covered by a cargo policy?
47.The role of a cargo surveyor
48.Does Marine Cargo insurance provide coverage if there is a change in voyage?
49.Will an insurance company honour a claim if the loss was caused by a combination of proximate causes?
50."Salvage" in cargo insurance
51.What is "General Average"?
52.How to Take Out Marine Cargo Insurance for Transporting Leisure Craft?
53.What is "Important" Clause?
54.Can a Cargo Policy be Freely Assigned?
55.Is Insurance Company Liable to "Fear of Loss/ Peril" ?
56.Cargo Insurance Cover for Re-conditioned/ Used Machines
57.Duration of Cargo Insurance Coverage
58.Loss of/ Damage to Cargo Caused by Delay
59.The Importance of Packaging and Marking in Marine Cargo Insurance
60.Merchant Shipping (Local Vessels) (Amount of Insurance Cover) Notice – New compulsory insurance requirements
61.The First-in-Town Electronic Open Cover Policy Issuance Platform
62.Open Cover Policy – Importance of Written Clauses
63.How to facilitate the claim process for China trade with the presence of a window company between buyer and seller
64.How to ensure “subsidiaries and/or associated companies” are covered in a cargo open policy?
65.What is the difference in duty of insurance between CIF and CIP?
66.How to prevent concealed damage?
67.Are "goods in trust" covered in cargo policy?
68.Is import duty insurable?
69.Shipment of Private Cars
70.Modes of Transportation Changed
71.Valued vs Unvalued Policy
72.Tips on Quoting for Valuable/ Fragile Products
73.Period of Insurance
74.Mode of transportation for large machinery
75.Classification Clause
76.Temporary storage in Warehouse
77.Important Message to Importers/Exporters in International Trade Transactions
78.Claim Tips for Marine Cargo Insurance
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