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Claims Procedure 

Claims Procedure:

  1. Notify the Labour Department within 14 days (in the case of injury) or 7 days (in the case of death) after the accident came to knowledge
  2. Complete Form 2B (for sick leave up to 3 days) or Form 2 (for sick leave more than 3 days), which are available from Labour Department website or through Labour Department Telephone Enquiry Service hotline – 2717 1771 and send to Labour Department
  3. Pay periodical payments to the injured employees at the 4/5 of the difference between the employee's monthly earnings at the time of the accident and his monthly earnings during the period of temporary incapacity
  4. Pay medical expenses to the injured employee with daily maximum of medical expenses payable as below:
    • In-patient treatment: HK$300
    • Out-patient treatment: HK$300
    • Both in-patient and out-patient treatment on the same day: HK$370
  5. Send us the following documents when available:
    • Form 2 or Form 2B (send the original to the Labour Department and the copy to us)
    • Original Sick Leave Certificate(s) (Please keep Us informed as long as the injured employee is still under sick leave by submitting sick leave certificates on a monthly basis)
    • Original medical expenses receipt(s), if any

Important Notes:

  1. The period of absence from duty certified to be necessary by a registered medical practitioner, a registered Chinese medicine practitioner or a registered dentist.
  2. Employer is liable to pay the injured employee medical expenses in respect of medical treatment given by a registered medical practitioner, a registered Chinese medicine practitioner, a registered dentist, a registered physiotherapist, a registered occupational therapist or a registered chiropractor.
  3. Further information and documents may be needed
  4. For inquiry, please call our Claims Services Hotline at 2894 0660 or email Us at claimin@hk.msig-asia.com.
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