Personal Insurance



Protect the things that matter

We recognise that your personal assets are not just mere objects but your connection to family, friends, and your dreams. That's why we go above and beyond to give attention to all that you hold dear.


Give your home, its contents and your family members some much-needed protection.

FamilySurance Plus 4.0 (Macau)
Protect your home and the belongings you love
HelperSurance 4.0 (Macau)
Protect your helper, protect yourself
Home Deluxe (Macau)
Total home-care protection for your family and property
Landlord Protector (Macau)
Comprehensive coverage for landlords against loss of rent and property damage, and includes complimentary liability protection
Tenant Protector (Macau)
Protection for your belongings and your landlord's property

Personal Accident

Protect yourself against the unexpected at all stages in life.

Personal Protector 3.0 (Macau)
Protection, when and where you need it


Enjoy the assurance to focus on your game and perform at your very best.

Sportsman 1.0 (Macau)
Giving you the confidence to stay on top of your game


Have the holiday on your mind instead of flight delays, baggage loss and falling ill.

iTravel Plus (Annual) (Macau)
All-round protection for frequent travelers
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iTravel Plus (Single Trip) (Macau)
Comprehensive cover to suit your trip
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Annual TravelSurance 4.0 (Macau)
Perfect for frequent travellers
TravelSurance 7.0 (Macau)
The easy way to enjoy travel