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Comprehensive motor insurance

According to Hong Kong’s legislation, every motor vehicle owner has to take out Motor insurance in order to protect third parties. Motor insurance can be classified mainly as Third Party Only cover and Comprehensive cover. 

Comprehensive motor insurance covers own damage, third party liability and personal accident. Own damage refers to damage or loss of the motor car itself. Third party legal liability refers to the cost and expenses that the insured is legally liable to pay in the event of damaging the property, or causing death or bodily injury to a third party. Personal accident covers medical expenses incurred in an accident sustained by the insured.

A well-rounded comprehensive motor insurance policy will include vehicle assistance services which provide 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, 24-hour free towing service, alternative vehicle rental arrangements and a 24-hour general advisory service.

Under general circumstances, comprehensive motor insurance provides coverage for accidents that happen within the Hong Kong SAR. Any accidental loss, damage or liability caused outside Hong Kong will generally be excluded. Hence, if the insured person has to travel to Mainland China by private motor vehicle, extended coverage for own damage could be arranged on request. The insured should also purchase third party liability insurance in line with regulations in China to enjoy full cover.

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