Personal Accident Insurance (Macau)

Claim Procedure

EASY Claims Submission


Input your claim information and contact details.


Simply select the claim types and the corresponding required documents will be shown in the Claim Documents Section.


Upload a digital copy of relevant supporting documents, or other pictures.

You can use “Save as Draft” to save your partial filled Claim Form in case you need further time to find the information and documents required.


Submit. You will receive an instant email acknowledgement and a tracking number for your registered claim.

Submit your claim online


Submit claim through email/ post 

Download Personal Accident Claim Form

Notes for submitting the claim through post
  1. To facilitate the processing of your claim, please submit the following supporting documents:
    • Medical reports
    • Laboratory reports
    • Referral letters
    • Discharge summary
    • Original bills and receipts for claim expenses with Treatment date, Name of patient, Diagnosis & Attending physician’s stamp and signature.
  2. Please send copy of the payment document and breakdown if other insurance company has already paid part of the medical expenses.
  3. If you have other documents which are not listed but may support your claim application, please also submit them as it may facilitate our processing.
  4. Submit your completed claim form and all relevant documents within 30 days of the accident to:
    MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited – Macau Branch
    Claims Department 
    Avenida Da Praia Grande,
    No. 693 Edif. Tai Wah 13 Andar A&B,
  5. Original receipts will only be returned upon request.
  6. We may contact you for more information.

Claim case sharing