Pet Insurance

Claim Procedure


Visit any licensed veterinarian

You can seek treatment for your pet at any licensed veterinarian, including specialists and emergency animal hospitals.


Complete the claim form

  1. Complete the Happy Tails Claim Form and have the treating vet complete the ‘Medical’ section of the form.

    File your claim online


    Download Happy Tails Pet Insurance Claim Form

  2. Attach the following documents:

    • Pet's clinical examination report for insurance enrolment if you are making a claim for the first time
    • Records of all required vaccinations
    • Pet’s medical records including vets’ notes
    • Original final bills or receipts

Submit to us within 30 days

Submit your completed and signed claim form, and all relevant documents within 30 days from the date of treatment through the online platform or by post to:

MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited 
Claims Department 
9/F 1111 King’s Road,
Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong

Important notes
  1. Incomplete claim forms cannot be accepted for processing of claims. 
  2. It is important that a complete answer be given to every question. If insufficient space is provided for your answers, please continue on a separate sheet. 
  3. We may contact you for further information. 
  4. We aim to settle your claim within 14 business days on receipt of full and complete documents including investigative reports, if any, to assess the claim. 
  5. For enquiries, please call our Claims Services Hotline at 852 - 2894 0660 or fill in the General enquiry form.