Motor Insurance

Claim Procedure

Third party cover or third party damage or bodily injury in a comprehensive cover


Report the accident

  1. If the accident involves third party bodily injury, report the case to the police immediately.

  2. Let us have the police reference number and statement for further inquiries. 

  3. Do not admit any third party liability without receiving our prior approval. If you receive any communication in any way connected with the accident, please forward them unanswered to us.


Submit the claim form immediately

  1. Complete the claim form. 

    File your claim online



  2. Attach copies of the following documents: 

    • Hong Kong Vehicle Registration Document (both sides) 
    • Driver’s HKID Card
    • Driving Licence
    • Any claims/writs of summons/letters from any third parties


  3. Submit the completed claim form and above documents immediately after the accident/discovery through the online platform or by post to:

    MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited 
    Claims Department
    9/F, Cityplaza One,
    1111 King’s Road,
    Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong


Sign Letter of Authorisation

Sign a Letter of Authorisation to enable us to obtain the driver's statement from the police.

Important notes
  1. A bad claim record may result in a higher premium at renewal.
  2. Incomplete Notice of Accident cannot be accepted for processing of claim.
  3. It is important that a complete answer be given to every question. If insufficient space is provided for your answers, please continue on a separate sheet.
  4. We may contact you for further information.
  5. For enquiries, please call our Claims Services Hotline at 852 - 2894 0660 or email [email protected]