Marine Cargo Insurance

Claim Procedure


Identify the cargo damage or loss and file notices to us immediately

  1. Detail any damage condition or exception on the cargo receipt and take remedial measures to prevent further damage or loss.

  2. Report cargo damage or loss to MSIG HK or our designated survey agent (as stated in policy) to conduct cargo inspection immediately. 

    For export cargo 
    Contact our designated survey/settling agent to conduct a cargo inspection/investigation. Our settling agent will notify and assist us in processing the claim case accordingly.

    For import cargo
    Once the cargo damage is discovered upon arrival in Hong Kong, please notify us immediately and we shall appoint a surveyor to conduct a cargo inspection.  

  3. File a written notice of claim against the forwarders or the carriers to protect your rights of recovery as soon as damage or loss is discovered. 


Gather claim documents along with supporting documents

To facilitate the processing of your claim, please attach the following documents: 

  1. Original Certificate/Policy of Insurance
  2. Original shipping invoices, packing lists, weight notes etc. 
  3. Original Bill of Lading and/or other contract of carriage involved during the voyage
  4. Survey report or other documentary evidence (exception list, damage report etc.) to show the extent of loss or damage
  5. Correspondence exchanged with the carriers and other parties regarding their liability for the loss or damage


Claim documents:

  1. Complete the claim form. 
  2. Copy of Notice of Claim against carriers and/or other parties regarding their liability for the loss or damage 



Submit claim form and relevant documents within 30 days

Submit your completed claim form and original copies of all relevant documents to us within 30 days from the date of accident/ discovery to:

MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited 
Claims Department
9/F, Cityplaza One,
1111 King’s Road,
Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong

Important notes
  1. If the loss is covered by the policy, the survey fee will be paid by us. Otherwise, the cargo owner will have to pay the survey fee. 
  2. Incomplete claim forms cannot be accepted for processing of claims. 
  3. We may contact you for further information. 
  4. It is important that a complete answer be given to every question. If insufficient space is provided for your answers, please continue on a separate sheet.
  5. For enquiries, please call our Claims Services Hotline at 852 - 2894 0660 or email [email protected]

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