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The coverage of amateur dangerous sports!

Recently, we have seen an increasing number of injury claims arising from winter sports. Common injuries include fractures, ACL and meniscus injuries, and sprained arms and legs. In more serious situations, customers have required repatriation services provided by our emergency service providers to transfer them back to Hong Kong for further examination and treatment. As safety is of the utmost importance, customers should take all reasonable precautions before embarking on their trip.

First of all, customers should ensure that their travel insurance plan includes coverage of Amateur Dangerous Sports. Nowadays, most travel insurances provide protection for Amateur Dangerous Sports despite their varied coverage. With MSIG’s travel insurance plans, the Amateur Dangerous Sports Extension includes hot-air ballooning, scuba diving to a depth not greater than 30 metres below sea-level, winter sports, water skiing, rafting, sailing, windsurfing, bungee jumping and horseriding. Customers should pay careful attention as to whether the planned activity is covered by their travel policies. Most policies, including those of MSIG, do not cover sports activities of a professional nature or if income can be earned through them while some policies may carry height or depth restrictions for a particular sports activity.

In addition, customers should stay alert to the geographical and weather conditions of the location where the sports activities take place to avoid being trapped or injured by natural disasters such as avalanches.

To conclude, customers are advised to take out travel insurance policies most suitable to their needs. Our policyholders can bring along our purchase confirmation SMS which includes the contact numbers of the emergency services hotline during the trip. If an accident should occur, clients should stay calm and seek advice and assistance from the emergency assistance services provider.

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