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Will personal accident insurance cover a mini-bus accident if the insured does not wear a seat belt?

Public transport related accidents have occurred frequently in recent years. In particular, minibus accidents, where passengers were thrown from the vehicle leading to death or severe injury, have recently come under public scrutiny. A few years ago, a female passenger was seriously injured after being thrown from her minibus seat into a 10-metre deep canal. A 26-year-old male passenger thrown from the rear seat of a taxi was also injured.

Could personal accident insurance protect victims against such accidents?

Definitely. Although the victims are liable to be fined for failing to fasten a seat belt, such an act is not considered as an illegal act which generally refers to criminal offences.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, the victim will suffer heavy losses both physically and financially. Therefore, we encourage you to wear seat belts regardless of the length of the journey.

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