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Temporary Disablement benefit in Personal Accident insurance

These days in Hong Kong, there are many people taking out personal accident insurance. “Temporary Disablement benefit” is one of the optional covers available under personal accident insurance. It provides weekly benefit within a specific period of time for an insured person who is not able to engage in or attend to his/her usual employment or occupation.

“Temporary Disablement benefit” is designed for full-time permanent employees. If the insured person unfortunately gets injured and is not able to work, the insurance company will compensate the insured person with a weekly benefit based on the injured person’s medical certificate and sick leave proof provided by the employer.

As self-employed people and part-time employees may not be able to provide the sick leave proof normally obtained from employers, “Temporary Disablement benefit” may not be suitable for them. Instead, they can take out hospital cash insurance as an alternative which provides a cash benefit when they are confined in hospital for treatment of sickness or bodily injury. They only need to provide the invoices for in-patient medical treatment in order to file a claim.

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