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Permanent disablement benefit in personal accident insurance

The insurance compensation issue of the Manila hostage tragedy raised awareness about personal accident benefits in travel insurance amongst the general public. Criticism spread widely when the insurance company declined the claims of an injured whose lower jaw, left thumb and right index finger were shattered by bullets. The insurance company declared that current travel insurance does not cover such injury under the short-scaled personal accident benefits.

At that time, the tragedy sparked an outcry about the difference between permanent disablement benefit in short-scaled cover in travel insurance and the long-scaled cover in personal accident insurance. The incident clearly highlighted that the general public is not familiar enough with personal accident protection – essential cover for you and your loved ones.

Put simply, personal accident insurance can be divided into 3 major benefits, namely, permanent disablement, temporary disablement and medical expenses. Permanent disablement is the major cover factor of personal accident insurance. Compensation for permanent disablement will be paid to the insured according to the long-scaled benefit as specified in the policy if a specific body part of the insured person is proved to be permanently disabled according to a qualified doctor. Compared to short-scaled cover, long-scaled cover provides wider coverage to the insured. If the injured in the tragedy had separately taken out personal accident insurance, their injuries in the tragedy would have been covered, instead of getting only cash relief.

Accidents can happen at any time. Personal accident insurance shelters you from unfortunate possibilities, gives you added protection and relieves your financial burden.

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