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Many insured persons may not be aware of the duty of the loss adjuster. In fact, the appointment of a loss adjuster is a common practice in claims procedure. Loss adjusters are the experts in assessing the extent of damage and the potential third party claims. They are responsible for providing suggestions on mitigation of loss, procedures on submission of claims and advice on policy coverage, as well as dealing with third party claims arising from the incident. Below is an example demonstrating the role of a loss adjuster:

Mr. Chan took out home contents insurance for his newly bought second-hand premises in Tai Po. A few months ago, a flush water supply pipe to the cistern in the bathroom of his premises burst. The flush water inundated the entire premises and caused serious damage to home appliances, furniture and the flooring and skirting.

Mr. Chan cleared up the water immediately and tried to prevent the water from flooding the premises even more. In the meantime, he filed a claim to his insurance company and a loss adjuster was appointed to carry out a site inspection in his premises.

After investigation, the loss adjuster confirmed that the bursting of the water pipe was due to normal wear and tear of the pipe. The adjuster report stated that the resultant water damage to Mr. Chan’s home contents and building improvements (flooring and skirting) should be covered by the Home Protector insurance policy. However, as the replacement of the water pipe was excluded as specified in the policy, the cost of replacement was not covered. Finally, the insurance company made settlement based on the adjuster report.

To smoothen the claims procedure, the insured person should cooperate with the loss adjuster by providing all information and assistance required by the insurance company.

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