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Medical Insurance Tips --- Public Hospital Cash Benefit

Health care policy reform has become a hot topic in recent years, and now many people are more likely to buy their own medical insurance. By purchasing medical insurance, one hopes that they are fully protected whenever medical treatment is necessary and that they receive the best care possible. However, as is usually the case when an accident occurs, the ambulance will transport the injured parties to the nearest public hospital. In such a case, will the insured be wasting their higher premium medical insurance plan when they are admitted to a lower-cost public hospital for treatment?

Policyholders should not worry about this issue. Even if he/she is rushed to a public hospital for immediate care, they have every right to transfer to a better ward or private hospital once their condition has stabilised, allowing them to receive the entitled medical services that their policy has to offer. What’s more, for those who receive minor injuries, transferring to another hospital may even slow down the rehabilitation process. There are health insurance policies that specially provide the insured with ‘Public Hospital Cash Benefits’. In the aforementioned case, the insured will receive compensation in addition to selected public hospitals medical costs. Insurance companies may also provide additional hospital cash to compensate for any gap in the quality of medical services. For example, if one holds MSIG’s “MediSure Plus” policy, he/she may receive an additional daily hospital cash compensation during hospitalisation in addition to coverage for public hospital basic costs.

MSIG, therefore, reassures policyholders that they should not be troubled about wasting their premium protection or impulsively request hospital transfers to take full advantage of their policy cover. The most important thing is to rest and recover.

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Do pay attention to the claims period.
When an insurer makes any claims, in addition to submitting their application form, medical reports and relevant supporting documents, it is very important to pay attention to the claims period. If one misses this deadline, the insurance company could be restrained from dealing with his/her claim.

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