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Medical Insurance Coverage for Public Hospital Confinement

Mr. Wong suffered from acute appendicitis one morning last week when he was traveling on the MTR to his office. He was sent to the nearest public hospital by ambulance to have an operation and was hospitalised for 3 days.

Mr. Wong had taken out a medical insurance policy with coverage high enough to cover the cost of his appendicitis operation and accommodation in a semi-private ward of a private hospital.

Mr. Wong considered this situation to be wasteful of his medical insurance policy as he had sufficient cover to receive treatment in a more comfortable environment despite the fact that his condition required him to be taken quickly to the nearest public hospital for immediate treatment.

Under these circumstances, is Mr. Wong still entitled to enjoy the benefits of his medical insurance cover?

Customers are comprehensively covered irrespective of whether they are confined in a public or private hospital.

In Mr. Wong’s case in particular, even though he was confined in a public hospital, he was still covered by his medical insurance. Some medical insurance policies in the market, such as MSIG’s Medisure Plus, even have a “Public Hospital Cash Benefit” sub category for those who are confined in a general ward of a public hospital. A cash benefit will be given to the insured on a daily basis according to the plan that they have taken out.

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