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How to choose a top-up medical plan to supplement existing medical cover - Part 1

With medical costs getting more and more expensive in Hong Kong, customers are increasingly looking for a top-up medical plan as a supplement to their existing medical plan in order to get better protection. In the past two years, many top-up medical plans with deductibles have emerged in the market. How can a customer select a top-up medical plan most suitable for his/her needs?

Apart from choosing an insurer with a good reputation and sound financial strength, the most important thing should be how to choose a deductible for a top-up medical plan. Customers should choose a deductible amount that can be covered under their company/existing medical plan. A simple rule is to choose an amount slightly lower or close to the maximum Surgical Benefit amount of a Major Operation provided by their company/existing medical plan.

In addition, employees may also need to consider the following when choosing a top-up medical plan:

Are the benefits of the top-up medical plan high enough to ensure sufficient protection?
MSIG’s MediSure Plus provides coverage of up to HK$1,500,000 per year, enabling customers to have sufficient protection.

Does the top-up medical plan provide comprehensive cover or just basic cover for hospital benefits?
MSIG’s MediSure Plus provides comprehensive coverage including pre- and post-hospitalisation care of up to 90 days, full cover for chemotherapy, radiotherapy or renal dialysis at a hospital.

Is there any sub-limit on benefits restricting the protection?
MSIG’s MediSure Plus offers no sub-limit for major benefits and provides full cover for major hospitalisation expenses such as miscellaneous hospital charges, in-hospital specialists, surgeons*, anaesthetists* and operation theatre charges*.

Does the top-up medical plan provide payment guarantee for hospitalisation to ensure complete peace of mind?
MSIG’s MediSure Plus provides International Payment Guarantee. MSIG will arrange direct settlement with the hospital, enabling customers to enjoy extra peace of mind.

There will be more tips for choosing a medical top-up plan in the next issue, so stay tuned!

*The maximum limit of surgeon, anaesthetist and operation theatre charges for Excel Plan are according to the surgical schedule up to HK$320,000.

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