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Continuity of benefits after policy termination

Did you know you can still enjoy medical insurance cover for up to 30 days after your policy termination?

Nowadays, some medical insurance products, such as MediSure Plus provide “Continuity of Benefits after Policy Termination”. This provision provides coverage to the customers after policy termination up to a maximum period of 30 days. But this is only applicable if the claim had been reported to and accepted by the insurance company prior to such termination or non-renewal. We will elaborate further on provisions like this in the story below.

Mr. Li has had a medical insurance policy for three years. As he plans to study in America soon, he has informed the insurance company not to renew his insurance policy. Six days before the termination of his policy, he broke his right elbow in a traffic accident and was admitted to hospital for treatment.

During his hospitalisaiton, Mr. Li made an inquiry to his insurance company about claiming medical expenses for this hospitalisation. As he still needed to stay in the hospital for treatment after termination of his medical insurance policy, he worried that he would be unable to claim his hospitalisation expenses incurred after termination of policy.

Mr. Li is lucky that he was insured with MediSure Plus insurance which provides “Continuity of Benefits after Policy Termination”. As the admission happened before policy expiry and his claim for hospitalisation expenses was approved by the insurance company, he could still enjoy the cover despite the fact that his policy had expired.

However, if this traffic accident had happened after Mr. Li’s emigration to America, or if Mr. Li had received treatment in America, the continuity of benefits under this provision would not have been applicable. According to the terms and conditions of his medical insurance policy, this provision will become ineffective if the insured person emigrates to another country or receives treatment outside his usual country of residence.

Therefore, you are advised to read the terms and conditions of your policy carefully or to contact your insurance company for clarification of your policies if you have any questions.

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