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Can recovered cancer patients take out health insurance?

According to the statistics of the Hong Kong Cancer Registry of the Hospital Authority in 2005, the 5 most common cancers in Hong Kong are: lung cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and stomach cancer, which account for 56.9% of the most common cancers.

Ms. Lee suffered from breast cancer which was excised 2 years ago. There has so far been no recurrence and she would like to take out medical insurance. Can Ms. Lee take out health insurance successfully?

The criteria for an insurance company to assess the risk of a cancer-recovered customer depend on whether he/she is considered free from recurrence of his/her cancer. Generally speaking, if the cancer was treated within the last 2 years, most customers cannot take out health insurance successfully as the risk of recurrence within 5 years is high. For those who have received treatment within the last 2 years, some insurance companies may use a medical report to consider his/her application on condition that cancer and cancer-related diseases are excluded. For those who have received treatment more than 5 years ago, if the medical report clearly shows that he/she has totally recovered and the risk of suffering from cancer again is the same as other ordinary healthy people, insurance companies may accept his/her application as normal.

Below is some general information which a cancer-recovered customer has to provide when applying for medical insurance:

  1. Date of onset
  2. Treatment received and period of treatment
  3. Did the cancer recur or spread to other areas?
  4. Name of attending hospital and doctor
  5. Current condition

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