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Are infectious diseases like human swine flu covered by medical insurance?

When everyone in the office was discussing the isolation of the Metropark Hotel in Wan Chai to prevent the spread of human swine flu (Influenza A H1N1), Peter told his colleague that he had already taken out an individual medical insurance policy almost 5 years ago and should be covered in the event of an outbreak. His colleague, Wilson, doubted this as his own medical insurance did not cover infectious diseases. Another colleague, Susan, joined the discussion and mentioned that infectious diseases will only be excluded in the case of a worldwide outbreak.

Peter was confused by his colleagues’ comments. Are infectious diseases like human swine flu covered by medical insurance?

If a customer’s medical insurance policy does not exclude “infectious diseases”, even if the human swine flu becomes a “community outbreak” or an “influenza pandemic” or “seasonal influenza”, then customers who are infected with human swine flu within the insurance period will still be covered by their medical insurance plans.

Coverage of different medical insurance policies vary and some medical insurance policies in the market may exclude infectious diseases which require isolation or quarantine by law. Customers are advised to check their policy details with their insurance agents/brokers to ensure that they have adequate protection.

As a comprehensive medical insurance policy, MSIG’s MediSure Plus does not exclude infectious diseases, ensuring that customers are well-protected in case of an epidemic outbreak of human swine flu.

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